10 Ways to Avoid Contracting an STD

Written by on September 22, 2018

The best way to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease is not to have sex. However, that isn’t a choice that most people are always willing to make.

If you’re smart, and you do your homework, it is possible to avoid STDs almost entirely, even while having lots of sex with lots of partners… BUT, you must do your homework, and you must be on top of the ball at all times, because if you’re trusting your own sexual health will be looked out for by that pretty stranger you just met (after all, she seems so innocent…), you’ve got another thing coming.

  1. Practice Safer Sex Every Time You Have Sex
  2. Get Tested Regularly, and Encourage Your Partners To Do The Same
  3. Abstinence and no-risk sexual activity
  4. Talk to partner(s) about your concerns, fears, and safer sex choices
  5. Have Sex Only Within A Mutually Monogamous Relationship
  6. Don’t Drink Or Use Drugs Before Having Sex
  7. Get immunized—Vaccinations are available that will help prevent hepatitis B and some types of HPV
  8. Be Comfortable Saying No to sex
  9. Know How To Please Yourself to reduce sex urges 
  10. Have sex with tested partners


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