11 very funny reasons why people dumped their lovers

Written by on September 24, 2018

Relationships are very hard to start and maintain. However, when you follow the rules of relationships, things can go well with you. Various relationships end for various reasons.

When you and your boyfriend are facing an issue, it can be tough to figure out what’s fixable and what’s an ongoing problem that won’t improve. After all, you’re so wrapped up in the situation, how can you see it clearly? For times when you’re not sure what to do, read these 9 reasons it’s time to dump him.

Here are 11 reasons you shouldn’t have dumped your lover but probably did it anyway.

  1. Shrubbing
  2. She wasn’t understanding how to control video games
  3. Someone in my life died and he said I’m sorry for you lost
  4. My friend broke up with a girl for not liking Eminem.
  5. She smelled like soup. She smelled exactly like Campbell’s Beef Vegetable Soup
  6. Her middle toe was way longer than her big toe.
  7. He wore socks with sandles
  8. He had sweaty hands.
  9. Because you touched her inappropriately in a dream.
  10. Because he never argues back.
  11. Because his new haircut is not doing it

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