Here are 15 lovely things to say to him when together 

Written by on September 6, 2018

Sometimes you might be with your boyfriend and you are not sure how to compliment him exactly. Being told cute things can make your boyfriend feel loved, missed, and appreciated.

Here are 15 things that you should tell him to light him up:

1. You are so cute when you smile.

2. I love it when you use your big, strong arms to pick me up.

3. You know how to rock my world.

4. Everything is better with you around.

5. With you as my boyfriend, I couldn’t possibly ask for more.

6. Giving you my heart is the best thing I ever could have done.

7. I miss you so much when we are apart that I begin to look at old messages from you to make me feel better.

8. You’ve been a blessing to my life.

9. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

10. I can’t imagine my world without you

11. I want to spend my forever with you.

12. I don’t ever want to stop loving you.

13. When I’m feeling lost I turn to you.

14. I’ve never been so happy.

15. Out of all the love stories out there, I like ours the most

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