5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Secretly Broke

Written by on August 7, 2018

Social media is a facade. You can easily fool anyone that you are a man of means while you are secretly struggling to get by.

Kenyan celebrities know this too well. As such, you’ll often see them flaunting things that they don’t even own so as to be perceived in a certain way and earn respect from their peers in the industry.

That being said, let’s look at 5 Kenyan celebrities who are obviously living beyond their means or are not as wealthy as they pretend to be.

insta @ringtoneapoko

1. Ringtone – Gospel singer Alex Apoko, a former street urchin, has come far in life, there’s no doubt about that. He is the real definition of from grace to grace. However, he pretends to be way wealthier than he is.

I’m sure you remember that dramatic incident when the real owner of what he was passing as his home in Karen got tired of being taken in circles and threatened the singer with an eviction notice.

Just recently, Ringtone hired a 2016 Range Rover that costs Ksh. 20M or thereabouts and drove it to a media house where he was to present it to Zari Hassan. However, he kept saying that he had bought the classy ride.

Insta @prezzo254

2. Prezzo – Gone are the days when Jackson Makini would party hard in clubs in Westlands. These days, the chap is struggling to get by after running down the business.

Prezzo has never shied away from the fact that he lives off his parents’ wealth. Sometime last year, he clapped back at a fan who asked him if he had posted his mother’s car saying: “Yes it was my mum’s car, I mean….the same way your mum’s mkokoteni belongs to you.”

A decade ago, Prezzo made a habit of pulling up in choppers for award ceremonies but those days are long gone since he hardly gets shows and most of the family property has been the subject of court battles.


3. Fred Omondi – The younger Omondi is struggling to make ends meet, according to our source who preferred to remain anonymous. Unlike his elder brother, Fred rarely gets shows. He has also been unable to grow a following on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, which Eric uses to his advantage.

In 2016, thugs made his bad situation worse for his when they stole electronics and furniture from his ‘posh’ house in Garden Estate along Thika Road. Fred has also been accused of running away with an unpaid bill amounting to Kshs. 5,850 at Club Blend in Mombasa.

Insta @mishi_dorah

4. Mishy Dorah – Most of the Nairobi Diaries cast members are really struggling, Mishy is just one of them. Do not be deceived by their expensive wigs, clothes and whatnot.

Sometime last year, Mishy recorded herself while doing the nasty with a bongo star. Her intention was to sell the clip to the highest bidder but sadly, buyers didn’t come her way.

A source told this writer that multi-million shilling home that she pretends to own is also not hers.

Insta @colonelMustafa

5. Colonel Mustapha – In his heydays, Daudi Mustapha made millions but those days are long gone. The rapper is no longer invited for shows because, let’s be honest, who in this day and age wants to listen to Mona Lisa?

The situation got so bad that he decided to join Nairobi Diaries. Upon realizing that he was adding value to the show while his bank account remained empty, he decided to quit and opened a clothes shop in Embakasi.

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