5 Things That Drastically Changed After Otile Brown Started Dating Vera Sidika

Written by on July 11, 2018

Several aspects of Otile Brown’s life have changed since he went public with his relationship with socialite-turned-businesswoman Vera Sidika.

While self-proclaimed relationship pundits have dismissed between the two as a mere publicity stunt, it seems Otile and Vera are in it for the long run as they are said to be planning a wedding.

A few days ago, the Chaguo La Moyo hitmaker revealed that he had met Vera’s mother, adding that he was planning to take her to Kisumu to meet his grandmother. Wedding bells huh?

It’s pretty obvious that Otile stands to benefit the most out of his relationship with Vera so we decided to take a look at five things that have changed, at least on Otile’s part, since they started dating.

1. Public Attention – Otile has been getting a lot of attention of late thanks to the relationship. Unlike other artists who have to engage in publicity stunts before releasing a new song, Otile does not have to put a lot of effort since his fans spend hours on his social media pages while trying to keep up with Mr and Mrs Brown.

A little bird whispered to this writer that a leading local television station is in talks with the two to shoot a reality TV show.

2. Exposure – Vera is known beyond the borders of Kenya. Actually, word has it that she’s quite popular in Nigeria. As is the norm, when people hear that the voluptuous lass that everyone desires is dating, the next thing most people do is to find out who the man is. After a lot of googling, you’ll find yourself watching his music video on YouTube.

As such, it does not really come as a surprise that a while back, Sound City, one of the leading entertainment outfits in Nigeria featured Chaguo La Moyo in it’s Most Requested Jams segment.

3. More Gigs – Maybe you hadn’t noticed but the truth is that Otile Brown has been getting more gigs lately. He was invited to curtain raise for Jamaican reggae artist Chronixx during his Kenyan concert on July 21.

Afro-soul and reggae artist Anto Neo Soul and a section of netizens wasted no time in calling out the event organizers for picking an R&B artist to curtain raise for Chronixx while there are “many reggae artists in Kenya.”

Apart from performing at Koroga, Otile has also been performing at several clubs in the company of his bae.

4. More Money – There’s no doubt that Otile’s relationship with Vera has brought more money his way. Apart from brand endorsements, more gigs have been coming his way and that means he’s been getting more guap.

Vera is also known to have deep pockets, the source of the money notwithstanding. In a recent  Instagram post, Vera said she has no problem taking care of Otile – whom she implied can’t take care of her expenses.

5. Jetsetting – Otile is slowly being inducted into the jet-setting lifestyle. Not that he could not afford to travel all over the world before, maybe it was not a priority.

As we speak, the couple is in Mauritius for a ‘baecation’. Although this is their first vacation since they revealed that they are dating, I believe more are on the way.

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