7 Things Single People Want Married People to Know

Written by on May 30, 2018

Millennials, according to different researches, are not valuing marriages as much as they used to. Though guys are marrying less in this age, everyone is always happy when they see happy couples. However, married couples sometimes have these funny tendencies of treating single people in a way that makes them feel isolated or somehow lonely. So here are a few things married people should understand whenever they are dealing with the single department:

  1. Single people can also make good friends.
  2. Stop assuming you know how single people feel every time.
  3. Stop forcing them to copy your love story. They will have their own.
  4. They are not a threat to your marriage.
  5. Being single doesn’t necessary mean you are sex-starved.
  6. They are happy for you but stop acting like marriage is an achievement.
  7. There are days when singleness feels unbearable, and days when it feels empowering.


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