7 signs he only wants to bed you and nothing more

Written by on September 24, 2018

Your boyfriend’s eyes always seem to light up when he sees you, but is that because he wants to have sex or because he’s head over heels in love with you?

One of the problems that women often face is that guys who are older are slicker about their attempts at getting sex than they used to be. What may seem like a perfect gentleman will just never call again once he gets laid. Sound familiar?

If you want to avoid this from happening, make sure to watch out for the following signs a guy just wants sex and doesn’t want a relationship with you at all. There are certain signs to look for if you want to figure out his true intentions, Read this to know how to spot the signs he just wants to sleep with you.

1.Your Best Times are Sex-Related

2. He only texts you after 1 a.m.

3. He always mentions watching a movie when trying to make plans

4. He only wants to hang out with just you two

5. You never meet his friends .

6. He makes it really hard for you to sleep over 

7. He’s “busy” whenever you text him about something personal or emotional.


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