9 things men with pretty girlfriends go through

Written by on September 24, 2018

We may not like to admit it, but there’s always jealousy lurking somewhere when dating a gorgeous woman. It is the dream of every man to find a beautiful girlfriend. However, dating pretty ladies may come with some insecurities. Inside the tiny cells of his heart, the man might be experiencing some problems although this depends on one’s personality.

Here 9 more things men encounter when dating such women.

  1. Every man wants her
  2.  Blinded by the beauty.
  3. You Go Unnoticed In Her Presence
  4. She’s with you for the money
  5. Lack of trust
  6. You see and feel that she has too many options and can replace you.
  7. You are only with her because she’s hot
  8. Men always hit on her
  9. She loves being the center of attention

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