A KimYe Divorce Underway?

Written by on July 22, 2020

News about Kanye West’s quest to be the next POTUS was met with mixed reactions a few weeks ago. Now,as if that was not enough,his inaugural campaign rally in South Carolina sparked unending criticism following his controversial stance on the historic figure that is Harriet Turban: Kanye pretty much insinuated that Harriet did nothing to help emancipate the black community from slavery.


After the grave backlash that resulted,it has been speculated that his close family is concerned about his well-being. West has further gone on an extensive twitter rant,as is typical of him,this time calling out everyone from his wife Kim Kardashian West,to his mother-in-law Kris Jenner,the two of whom he claims in the tweets were ‘plotting on locking him up with the help of a doctor.’ Even more bizarrely,West claims that he has been contemplating filing for divorce. Say what!?


It is not exactly clear what will happen next after his latest meltdown. Fans and fellow celebrities alike have expressed concern over his mental health and possible bipolar episode and are all currently calling for his ‘much-needed help.’

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