Acquiring self-discipline

Written by on April 16, 2020

Self-discipline is one of the key traits of a successful person. Statistics have shown that people who practice self-discipline are not able to talk themselves out of doing things that are of benefit to their health or success.

Acquiring self discipline is however a great task that requires a lot of willpower and self reflection.

Acknowledge and know your weaknesses; weather your weakness is food, shopping or the party life own up to them and set out an a road to overcome them.

After listing down and taking account of your shortcomings, set out out get rid of the temptations. The fewer distractions you have, the better your chances you have of overcoming your weakness. Say no to any invites that may lead to temptation and store away any intrusions to your success

Now the next task is to build the self discipline by repetition. A daily routine of constantly replacing your weakness with something that will counter and better your life. A skill is sharpened by constantly doing the same thing in order to master it. Something as little as getting up at 5 am everyday could be the skill that you master.

Reward yourself for the small tasks that you are able to achieve. This will ensure that you keep doing it. A self motivation to achieving the greater goal. Continuously introduce new tasks and weaknesses you want to overcome as well as new rewards.

Learn to forgive yourself when you stumble or fall back in the same trap. Understand that we all fall short, don’t stay their feeling guilty, get up and move forward. Find out what made you fall in the first place and ensure you don’t do it again.



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