Akothee is just misunderstood, she doesn’t hate men

Written by on September 25, 2018

Don’t mis-interpret Akothee wrongly. She doesn’t hate men. She knows they are very important to the society and therefore women do need them.

However, the mother of five posts somethings that attack them to wake women up. Women out here are giving men too many chances.

“Men think I hate them but I do not.  We cannot do without men, but women should also learn how to say NO. I cannot let any man make plans for me and if they try to I will be out of there so fast they will be dizzy. I am in a relationship, but I will not discuss it,” she said.  

The singer also shared why she’s no longer a big fan of the church despite being a staunch christian.

“I realised that the church was full of hypocrites. So I got out, became a dancer and a party animal. Not that I dropped my faith…No. I am a staunch Christian but I do not accommodate hypocrites,” she said. 

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