An NBA Legend Bows Out: The Life And Times Of Kobe Bryant,On And Off Court

Written by on January 27, 2020

One of basketball’s most reputable figures and a bona fide icon, Kobe Bryant succumbed to a helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA Sunday. Even more tragic,his daughter Gianna Bryant,13, also died in the crash. The news has so far had the world utterly shook and at a standstill. The NBA world and pretty much every mortal have reacted intensely in disbelief,as is the case with any unprecedented death. Aboard the plane were Gianna’s teammate and her parent’s too and the pilot,all of whom also succumbed to the crash.

Kobe Bryant is hailed is an NBA prototype. Having played 20 seasons in his career spanning,Bryant established himself as a force worth reckoning as NBA fixture for the LA Lakers. Eerily,fellow bigwig Lebron James surpassed him as the 3rd most scorer just a day prior to Bryant’s death,and Bryant was quick to acknowledge his fellow’s victory by tweeting a congratulatory message.

Worth noting:
1. Just like Whitney Houston in 2012,Kobe Bryant passed on on Grammy weekend.

2. Throughout his enviable career,Bryant snagged endorsement deals with major brands including Nike,McDonalds,Sprite and Turkish Airlines.

3. Bryant took up the reptilian nickname Black Mamba, an ode to his confidence and power.

4.Before January 25,Bryant was the 3rd highest scorer in the NBA after Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

5. A shrewd investor,his company Bryant Stibel,is worth $ 2 billion.

6. He joined the NBA right after graduating high school and was the youngest player in NBA history at 18 years in 1996.

7. He was named NBA’s Most Valuable Player during 2007-2008 season.

8. He established Mamba Sports Academy where he,his daughter and others aboard the ill-fated plane were headed.

Kobe Bryant is now survived by his wife Vanessa Bryant,and daughters Natalia Bryant,Bianca Bryant and Capri Bryant.

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