Are Future And Lori Harvey Meant To Be?

Written by on January 14, 2020

After seemingly confirming that they were indeed an item following unending speculation,Future and Lori Harvey have in the past few days stirred mixed reaction owing to their nuanced,unapologetic selves. Both have been known to have to have quite the dating history. If their string of partners is not mindboggling enough,their lifestyle is quite the one to raise eyebrows. Future now has 8 baby mamas,while Lori Harvey is said to have dated both Diddy and his son.


Call them each other’s match or whatever,but them two look rather sprung on each other right now. Going by their snaps, the two are living it up in Jamaica celebrating Lori’s 23rd birthday. They are not shying away from flaunting their loved up pictures either. Could they both eventually have decided to settle down? Will this seemingly fired-up love affair last?

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