Audio Review: Slow Down Child-Darya Kish

Written by on April 16, 2020

NRG Radio presenter and talented crooner Darya Kish’s vocal range is a force worth reckoning, if her music releases so far are anything to go by.
Unlike Rush and Vibes,this new stripped down but fiery new record is sultry as they come. Slow Down Child sees Kish showcase her soulful vocals and could easily be likened to a SZA or Jhene Aiko ballad. She calls out the prevalent popularity of music that is devoid of soul and important themes,a pertinent conversation in the music world.
She does it so seamlessly perhaps to show what real music is ought to sound, with the repetitive ‘What happened to real music?’ nailing the point. The Beyoncè excerpt as the song winds up was not a bad idea either as the music icon is heard talking about the elusive nature of good music. Kish’s upcoming EP is as good as underway;this new record shows it is one not to miss out on!

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