Audio/Video Review: La Vie-Tanasha Donna Ft Mbosso

Written by on January 13, 2020

The first release off of Tanasha Donna’s upcoming EP Donnatella is out and it is quite something! Perhaps in her quest to veer off from the route she plied with her 2 previous uptempo singles,La Vie is ballad-inclined as they come. Featuring fellow artiste Mbosso,the song infuses Swahili,French and English almost seamlessly as Tanasha showcases her lingo versatility.

Tanasha’s vocal range has evidently grown bountifully and that cannot go unnoticed,at least going if this record is anything to go by.Their on-screen chemistry will keep you hooked too,and it helps drive the message home while at it. Tanasha dons a few sexy ensembles that accentuate her body at all the right places and they all complement each other all too well in the video.

This sensual record portrays Tanasha’s musical growth in a myriad ways. If it really is a taste of what the EP will sound like,then there is lots of incredible music underway.


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