Audio/Video Review: Nitekenye-Sailors X Nadia Mukami

Written by on January 22, 2020

The most unlikely of collaborations,Sailors and Nadia Mukami’s new jam is one of the year’s maiden releases. Nitekenye reconciles Sailors’ Gengetone sound with Nadia Mukami’s silky vocals to the effect of asking to be spoilt with love by a partner,and sees the boys frolick around the beach having fun and decked in coastal wear.


The shots cut from a beach setting to sightings of the Fort Jesus. Nadia Mukami’s verse is short and showcases her creativity and inasmuch as it feels a little out of place and does not blend easily,she easily gets away with that given the negligible duration of her verse.


This release is underwhelming as they come and will highly likely not suffice their vision of the collaboration. The video is utterly simplistic and could pass for just any other upcoming musician’s music efforts. The hook is rather catchy-the ultimate highlight of the song. Be not shocked when you hear it in the club the next time you are there.


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