Author: Ann Munyasya

It’s that time of the month and your woman is having her period. Are you wondering how you can be there for her as her man/partner? Don’t you worry, I have a few tips. Everyone is different when they are having their periods. Some experience abdominal pains, headaches, mood swings, backaches, bloating, vomiting and some […]

You are having friends over or even a party and you don’t know what meals go well with the Baileys Irish Cream. Worry no more, I am here to help you figure this out. I do enjoy Baileys so much and before I take it, I make sure that am well fed and ready to […]

The airline has achieved the Airline Passenger Experience Association’s (APEX) latest safety benchmark following assessment of the airline’s robust COVID-19 hygiene and safety standards DOHA, Qatar – Qatar Airways is proud to announce that it has achieved Diamond Standard in the Airline Passenger Experience Association’s (APEX) Health Safety Powered by SimpliFlying audit. The ‘Diamond Standard’ […]

The other day as I was having a friend over, she had a broken tooth. My first question was, ” Why haven’t you had that fixed by your dentist?” Funny enough she doesn’t have a dentist, neither has she ever had her teeth checked out. Well, she’s not the only one, right? Most people think […]

Am here for this conversation. My girls and I were talking and one of them asked out loud, ‘How often do you guys change your panties?’ Do you know we were quiet for like two minutes. Well, I would like to believe it’s not because we don’t change them (haha) but because it struck us […]

The airline’s four weekly services to Washington State’s largest city will launch almost two months ahead of schedule  Passengers travelling to or from Seattle can connect via the Best Airport in the Middle East with over 75 destinations in Africa, Asia, India and the Middle East   Passengers travelling to and from the U.S., including […]

There are many ways you can overspend without even knowing it. Have you ever had two thousands shillings with you and all of a sudden you have like five hundred bob, and honestly you didn’t buy anything that important? Yeah! it happens to the best of us. Now imagine you were going out to shop […]

One thing that l have come to enjoy is the Bailey’s Irish Cream drink. One of my friends actually said this, “if you enjoy having white coffee and also take whisky, you should definitely try taking Bailey’s.” I kid you not, she’s absolutely right! The fact that it looks like white coffee makes it all […]

Don’t you just want to wake up, put on some blush look nice and run off to do your errands? I know sometimes you just use too much product because you feel like, my eyes need more eyeliner, let me use a little bit more foundation. This happens most of the time, now imagine a […]

Did you just find out you’re pregnant, or you are on your second trimester or even third and you are just wondering if it’s possible for you to exercise? Well did you even know you can do workouts while pregnant? No? Yes? Well if you didn’t I am here to tell you all about it. […]

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