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Hotpoint Appliances Ltd launched their shop and win promotion dubbed Maisha MotoMoto, on 18th November 2020 and it recently came to a close on 17th January 2021. During this period, any customer who shopped Kshs.10,000 and above at any of their conveniently located retail outlets in Nairobi (Sarit, Garden City, Village Market, and Westgate) and […]

Are you having a hard time with your grades? I would like to help you improve your grades by going through a few key points. There is this saying, “Hard work pays!” Yes, it does. When you put hard work into something the end result will always make you happy. In school you’re taught about […]

Sunglasses always give you that cool, flawless look. Anytime you choose to wear them be ready to rock your day. Whether you are wearing them to protect your eyes from the sun rays or for style, you need to get ones that fit well, give you a good style, go well with your outfit or […]

Qatar Airways will resume Atlanta services with four weekly flights from 1 June, increasing the carrier’s U.S. network to 12 destinations Airline will operate a total of 83 weekly flights to and from the U.S. offering passengers more flexible and reliable travel options Qatar Airways is the leading airline providing international connectivity to and from […]

Don’t you just want to play some sports activities which may help you keep fit and also enjoy your quality time? You need to explore more and get out of your comfort zone, and find other fun activities to do, other than the usual. Did you know there is a game called calisthenics, which involves […]

Let me say if you didn’t watch the inauguration, you surely missed out on a lot!!! On 20th of January was a big day for the citizens of the United States of America. Their 46th president Joe Biden was being sworn in, and alongside him was former president Barrack Obama and many other distinguished guests. […]

Kampala, 22 January 2021: Grammy® Award-winning global sensation, DJ and record executive, DJ Khaled, who is best known for his hip hop and R&B hit anthems, will be the international host for the MTV Africa Music Awards Kampala 2021 (MAMA), airing globally for the first time beginning February 20th on MTV in 180 countries.  Khaled will host the virtual awards ceremony from his glamourous home […]

Valentine is coming, what are your plans for you and your favorite person? Keeping in mind Covid-19 has made it very impossible to be around crowded places. Well I have a few tips on how you could enjoy your valentine’s day. Plan the perfect get away. A trip could suit the two of you, you […]

It’s that time of the month and your woman is having her period. Are you wondering how you can be there for her as her man/partner? Don’t you worry, I have a few tips. Everyone is different when they are having their periods. Some experience abdominal pains, headaches, mood swings, backaches, bloating, vomiting and some […]

You are having friends over or even a party and you don’t know what meals go well with the Baileys Irish Cream. Worry no more, I am here to help you figure this out. I do enjoy Baileys so much and before I take it, I make sure that am well fed and ready to […]

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