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Nairobi, Kenya and Africa in general is buzzing with excitement due to news of the Legendary Buju Banton being in town. Buju Banton is said to perform on the 15th of February at the KICC grounds courtesy of NRG Radio. As name states, this is indeed a legendary and historical event to have the artists’ […]

As much as death is inevitable, why speed up the process with small habits that are harmful to your health? Due to life’s rat race we tend to adapt various habits in our routine mostly due to the desire to achieve certain goals. We compromise on certain things unaware of the dangers they cause on […]

Helicobacter pylori commonly known as ‘H-pylori’ is a type of bacteria which is said to exist in every single person in different quantities. They usually live in the digestive tract and if they are untreated, it usually results in stomach sores, ulcers and in extreme cases, stomach cancer. You can be infected with h-pylori from […]

Coconut is said to be the cure for everything inside and outside your body, rumor has it that it even cures heartbreaks 🙂 Just sprinkle coconut oil over your skin and drink a bit of it for your body and before you know it, you’re living your best life!   Coconut oil contains vitamin E, […]

1. His real name is ‘Mark Anthony Myrie.’ The name Buju Banton was a combination of Nicknames given to him. Buju was given to him by his mother because he was a chubby kid who looked like a beat fruit which is called ‘buju’ in jamaica language. Banton is a name he adopted from his […]

Smelling good all the time will give you a boost of confidence even when you don’t feel as confident. Someone who always has a fresh scent is likely to be more respected, liked and pleasing to be around. To keep yourself fresh always; cleanliness is the major first step. Taking a shower at least once […]

Going for a concert is one of the best experiences you can treat yourself to. Live music, big energetic crowds and your favorite artist singing your favorite songs is nothing short of  soul therapy. They are various tips to ensure you are fully prepared for a concert. It’s essential that you have everything set before […]

Today over the counter medicines are so easily accessible with or without a prescription. Whenever you go to the hospital or pharmacy, it’s a guarantee that you will leave with a bag of antibiotics. This has lead to the misuse and over use of drugs, mostly antibiotics. Slight headache, stomach ache, flu, undiagnosed ailment, most […]

Most people like to identify themselves as either a night owl or a morning person. This means, a night owl is more alert at night when everyone else is dead asleep and a morning person has no problem waking up earlier than everybody else to get things done.   But, are these identities set in […]

What is the first thing people notice about you?…  The answer is, Your Shoes! Believe it or not, your shoes alone are able to communicate your age, gender, personality and most importantly, your social status. In terms of personalities, extroverts are said to have worn out shoes, they could be designer shoes due to their […]

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