Band Beca Plotting Major Comeback?

Written by on January 16, 2020

The two damsels were on to a very promising start.Their utterly soulful voices captured the attention of many from when they first stepped on the scene,not to mention the man-objecting anthems that were a hit with the ladies. They
even went as far as getting featured on Coke Studio Africa,and had every ounce of potential to be the next huge girl group,especially at a time when such are not as common. As you would expect,their ascent was utterly was shortlived. After dominating the charts with their girly anthems like Brathe and Toka,they albeit faded into oblivion.

After debuting their comeback single two months ago,they signed on Naiboi’s label Naiboi Worldwide and it is said they have been working with the hitmaker towards a comeback that is reportedly going to be nothing short of major. Fingers crossed.

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