Bey T’s Apparent Lacklustre Performance Renders Revellers Bored

Written by on December 9, 2019

For a concert of as huge a magnitude as Jameson Connects Kenya,it is imperative that every act taking to the stage puts on one heck of a show,or you will be the subject of slanderous banter for days on end after a lacklustre performance. That maybe what befell singer Bey T during her opening set at the TI-headlined concert last Saturday.

The singer who has had quite the critical acclaim this year proved not a crowd favorite,at least not on stage. In spite of the fact that she was flanked by a couple of backing dancers,her stage charisma was nothing to write home about. The crowd looked rather disconcerted and not interested as she sang the night away,while attempting to be in synchronicity with the dancers. It did not help that some of the songs she sung are yet to be released,so revellers stood dumbfounded and watched on,seemingly waiting on her to get done singing and walk off stage with immediate succession.

Bey T may need to up her performing next time she gets on stage.

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