Beyonce And Bella Hadid Hailed As The Two Most Beautiful Women In The World

Written by on October 17, 2019

Turns out Bella Hadid and Beyonce are the two most beautiful women in the world,at least according to a recent Scientific study. Yes,beauty gets rated in Science too.


The study carried out by the Golden Ratio of  Beauty Phi suggests that Beyonce is the second most beautiful woman in the world,after supermodel Bella Hadid. Questions abound as regards how exactly this rating is done. Apparently,the standard of beauty used to give these conclusions is addressed by the ancient Greek’s idea of perfection. The Daily Mail reports that the facial features measured are the eyes,chin,eyebrows,jaw and facial shape. To this effect,Bella Hadid scored a whopping 94.35%,while Beyonce comes closely next with a 92.44% score.

These measurements were done by one Dr. Julian De Silva,using the latest computerized mapping technology. According to Harley,Beyonce’s facial shape scored the highest with 99.6%,but Bella had the highest score for her chin with 99.7%,being only 0.3% away from being the perfect shape.

Some other A-listers on the top ten list include Kate Moss (91.05 %), Scarlett Johansson (90.91%),Natalie Portman (90.51%),Katy Perry (90.08%),and Cara Delevingne (89.99%).

Obviously,these ratings are as subjective as they come,so the chatter and mixed reactions they have elicited were expected.

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