Are You Living a Cancer Free Lifestyle?

Written by on November 3, 2021

Happy New Month,October is gone, we had the curfew lifted in Kenya, and the public transport service is back. In Kenya breast cancer awareness is supported by the Kenya Cancer Association. It helps women get access to education, screening and any other support they need.It has been seen taking action in different places around the country. The Community Based Organisation(CBO) aims to create more awareness of cancer hence encouraging people to have some screening and reduce cancer rates. They also have more programs like examining existing cancer patients, cancer education and nutritional talks, cancer survivors counselling and support, blood donation drive and even screening of other diseases

Amidst all these programs’ efforts, it is now a personal responsibility to turn up for cancer screening. There are  ways for you to check whether you are breast cancer free even without access to a medical centre. It is important to note that breast Cancer is not limited to women  but also men are also capable of contracting the disease. Below is an infographic figure that you can use to self-test at home. 

What are some of the Causes of Cancer?

Our lifestyle highly defines who we are, in terms of our social life, professional and most importantly our health. What did you eat today? It is said, you are what you eat. Therefore, making sure you eat healthy food and  keeping fit is one of the steps that can from prevent cancer. Though not confirmed, some speculations about the causes of cancer are; Taking alcohol, consumption of too much-processed food, Smoking, and generally  unhealthy living. Although, it has also been reported that cancer is hereditary.

What did we do to create Awareness?

Earlier this year, our president, Uhuru Kenyatta supported cancer awareness by adding several cancer facilities and promised Kenyans that more doctors would come on board to treat and reduce cancer rates. As the NRG Radio family, we were able to create awareness of the disease by hanging bras around the studio, we did radio mentions, shared informative content on our social media platforms and also invited breast cancer experts on the NRG Transit show to expound on the matter. I hope by now you have the gist of how to live around breast cancer.

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