Written by on February 5, 2020

Helicobacter pylori commonly known as ‘H-pylori’ is a type of bacteria which is said to exist in every single person in different quantities. They usually live in the digestive tract and if they are untreated, it usually results in stomach sores, ulcers and in extreme cases, stomach cancer.

You can be infected with h-pylori from food, water, utensils or contact with the saliva or body fluids of someone who is infected. The bacterial disease is most common in areas that lack clean water and good sewage systems.

Symptoms usually occur after you eat food, drink milk or when your stomach is empty. You may feel a dull or burning pain in your belly that usually comes and goes often.

Other symptoms include bloating, burping, nausea, loss of appetite, belly pain or swelling, vomiting and weight loss.

H-pylori is one the most uncomfortable infections thus it’s important to take precautions that will help prevent you from it.

• Wash your hands after using the bathroom and especially before you prepare any food.
• Avoid taking any food or water that’s not clean.
• Don’t eat street food that you’re unsure of or any food that’s not cooked thoroughly.

Eating natural foods such as; broccoli and yogurt can also help reduce h-pylori bacteria from your body preventing it from growing into an infection.

If you do get h-pylori infection, fret not, it is treatable and curable. Visit your doctor and he will  prescribe with a two-week dosage that will cure you of the bacteria.

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