Do they feel remorseful after breaking up with a woman? In most cases YES! They say, ‘You don’t realize what you’ve lost till it’s gone.’ It’s not easy to find a good woman. So when men look back and he surely knows that he messed up, or maybe and the willingness to maintain a serious relationship was shifted just because he wanted to weigh other options. 

Well, after a few years he might call back and apologize or confess how he is feeling a big loss by losing you. It’s either he feels like he messed up by letting you go, or else he hasn’t found someone to replace you.

Here are several reasons why a man would feel a big lose losing you:

When a man realizes he lost a good woman- The reality check of meeting new people who don’t match his quality starts to kick in. This is when a man learns to realize that he lost a good woman and he feels like it was a mistake.

In fact, he may do his best to shut off these emotions and they may seem heartless and cold. However, the situation is currently hitting him hard.

When a man loses the woman he loves- When a man realizes that you are the kind of woman he prioritizes more than anything else then the regrets start kicking in. 

He understands that he’s losing something that may be even more important than the things he’s been chasing. He eventually realizes that he’s lost the woman he loves!

When he realizes her love was pure and genuine– We’re well aware that people start appreciating things the second they lose them. We simply don’t pay attention to things while we have them.

Once they’re gone, we’re left feeling sad and wishing for the good times gone by. The same happens in love and relationships.  You continue with your life, meet other people, and then it hits you:

A good woman loved you truly and genuinely, and she never expected anything in return.’

All these other women around you want something from you. And she – ‘she was different and unique in every way.’


In conclusion, every man regrets losing the one woman who didn’t wait for him. So, if a man loses that opportunity with a woman who really wanted to be his girlfriend and wife, he will most probably regret it for the rest of his life.

The major takeaway is how important it is to NOT take your partner for Granted. 





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