It’s official, I am now alive.For a long time, things have been inactive, we have seen limited movement of people, business closed.Have you ever imagined that a city could listen? This is Nairobi, the city that listens. If I was, Nairobi, I would be the socialite that people want to talk about, be around and want to be associated with. My imagination would be diverse yet interesting. I would not hesitate to bring out the personality that elevates my brand. My name comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nairobi, which translates to “cool water”, a reference to the Nairobi River which flows through the city

The fact that people want to come live here is what makes me the final and true destination. I am the party nation, a provider to the universe and finally the heart of showbiz. In case you didn’t get the memo, let me break it down.

The National Park is here!

Are you a local tourist? Yes, okay, lucky guess. Most of you only came here when you were in primary school for one of those mandatory trips, right? Okay let me take this chance to tell you that you could go for a Safari Walk for as low as 200/=  However, your curiosity could cost you more dime since there is a whole land cruiser ready to take you on a ride.

Major Events Grounds

We have seen headliners such as Focalistic, Omah Lay, Black Coffee, Etana and so much more to come.The grounds such as Carnivore,Ngong Race Course, and local garden that mainly host events.These places are easily accessible by the attendees.

Any business Goes!

Did you want to start a business, well here I am, any idea could be a source of income. You can start a business with as low as 100$. After all, I am a city of creatives. Here, only having a skill is equal to putting food on your table.

Safe Residence!

Ever wonder why most moving companies have their headquarters in Nairobi? From having donkeys, to moving with big trucks, Nairobi is one of a kind. Well, the fact that I can accommodate people of all classes is a major plus for you to be affiliated  with me. I will be able to put a roof over your head from as low as 500 shillings.

What are you waiting for. Let me be your city, would you?

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