Are you “dating”, “courting”, or “talking to each other,” or is it “complicated?” Even though you might have an idea of what you need in a husband, you might not know what signs to look for in a relationship and how to know if he is the one for real. 

I’ve always believed in fairytales, but in real life, it isn’t always as easy to find your Prince Charming. You may have to kiss a few toads. When a man feels like he has found the one, how long does it take for a man to know that she is the one, soul mate, twin flame?

In a matter of weeks during dating days, he already saw some potential in her. But they tend to take time. As a man matures he recognizes and becomes more aware of who the right person is. These are some of the ways he knows that she is the one:

How she makes him feel

If you’ve been with a partner for an extended amount of time, you know that reality isn’t about constant butterflies and sparks. Men love a woman who is making an effort to convey the depth of what they feel and this brings them back to the honeymoon phase of the relationship and prevent possible future resentment, feelings of neglect, or distance.

Believe it or not, making small adjustments to foster a newfound love or closeness can bring you together in a way you may not have experienced before. It’s just the way she makes him feel around him.

There is peace 

The peace factor is important , the ability to feel peace in her presence portrays a healthy relationship. A Good woman provides peace of mind, companionship, health, and happiness to her man. 

If you want to live a happy life and maintain a loving peaceful relationship, here are five ways to help you:

  • Show Affection
    • Trust and loyalty are an essential aspect of any relationship, followed closely by communication. They are also the tools by which we can express our affection.  
    • Everyone gives and receives affection differently! Some people appreciate cuddling for several minutes while others may need a quick hug.
  • Support Your Partner Regardless of the Situation
  • Learn Your Partner’s Language of Love

  1. Loyalty/Trust

New people who feel loved when they receive a gift tend to give gifts to people they care about to express love. However, your man might feel loved if you help them with something, or if you say words of affection to them, or if you show them physical affection, which could be as simple as a hug or touch on the shoulder. 

There isn’t a wrong way or right way when it comes to languages of love. It’s simply a matter of figuring out what each other needs.

When he feels loved and desired

However, finding a person you can love your entire life is a blessing. Make sure that you do not lose your partner because of preventable misunderstandings. Keep your partner happy and in love with you for “your” benefit also! 


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