Written by on February 25, 2020

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; a saying that has been with us since we were kids but what does it really mean? when we are busy adulting; going to work, paying bills and being responsible we may forget to enjoy ourselves in the process.

It’s important to have a good work-life balance where neither of the two suffer.

Acknowledging and accepting that you can never have a perfect work balance is the first step to enjoy adulting. Things will never be in a routine of working certain hours and resting at set times. Allow yourself room to adjust to the workload that might pile up or a day that may be totally free with no work.

Prioritize your work in categories in order to be more organized and less overloaded with tasks. Categories should be; important and urgent,  important but not urgent, urgent but not important and not urgent or important to help you plan your work.

Take time to unplug from technology. Time away from your phone and laptop is essential.  It will help you fully be present in your play time. Resist the urge to reply to any email updates or answer work related calls that are not an emergency.

Your health especially your mental health should be the most important thing to you. If work takes a toll on your body, take time off to go to the hospital and if you feel stressed out schedule a therapy session in your schedule. Making your health a priority will ensure you miss less time at work as well as make you happier and more productive when you’re there.

Go on a vacation or take part in an adventure that will take your mind off work for some time. Take up a competition in your gym or in a hobby/activity that you like. These sort of things challenge your mind to do other things outside of work which in turn is refreshing once you do go back to work.



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