Ebbie’s mum, Martha Wanjiru today organized the match of justice to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office to demand justice for her daughter Ebbie who died in school three years ago.

Ebbie Noelle Samuels was 15 year-old when she was murdered in her first year of secondary meaning she had recently joined Form 1 at Gatanga CCM School.

She was sleeping with her head down on her desk after a 10km run earlier in the day when the teacher walked into the classroom and hit her full on the top of the head with a hard-soled shoe. 

Literally, when a person is asleep and suffers head trauma, they have no reflex to pull back and the trauma goes straight to the brain. She bled out into the brain that same night.

The teachers took her cold dead body, put her in a taxi, and went to a hospital and then called the mother and said that she had “been sick and was admitted”. The hospital confirms it was a long-dead corpse they brought “to be admitted”.

‘’On Saturday 9th March, at 7:47am, I was called by the principal of the school, Ms.Veronica Wanjiku Mwangi, with news that my daughter was unwell and I should rush to Naidu Hospital in Thika and that I shouldn’t go alone. I left for Thika, accompanied by my friend, but on the way I decided to call my cousin to check on the situation before I got there, since she lives in Thika.

‘’On arriving at the school at about 9:35am, I found my daughter’s lifeless, ice cold, body with a swollen tummy. She also had foam in her nostrils. On inquiring about what had happened, the principal told me that my daughter had gone to sleep the previous night, but failed to wake up in the morning.” 

Three different autopsies conducted by the government pathologist, the school’s pathologist and an independent one, hired by the family, have all proven that my daughter died from a head injury inflicted by a blunt object. She bled at the vertex of her brain on the left side and right side.” 

Who hit my daughter on Friday night and left her for dead at the school dorm? Please help me get justice for my daughter.” Said her mother.

It’s hard to comprehend why no-one has been arrested and charged with manslaughter! How is it that our daughters can’t be safe even within a school compound!?#JusticeForEbbie

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