Reedah Yvonne join NRG Radio Management as Lead Presenter

Written by on January 12, 2023

Gizer, Reedah is the new lead presenter at NRG Radio. The news was broken during the office party which was held at Panari hotel on the 6th January 2023. This position was previously held by Mwalimu Rachel.

Reedah Yvonne, a Kenyan born UK-citizen , moved to England at 4 years old. The 29 year-old joined the NRG Radio Kenya Team in 2018. Over the past few years, She has shown tenacity and great world class Radio Presenters skills.

On an interview with the NRG Radio Kenya blog team, Reedah said,”  I haven’t been lucky enough to train the presenters we have so far but I’m hoping that with my new role I will have the honor of helping them further their knowledge and skills on Radio. 

Here is Reedah’s timeline on NRG Radio Kenya



Team Members


NRG Circle 

Shaq The Yungin 


NRG Transit

Ibu ike nene, DJ Niche


NRG Circle

Ibu ike nene, DJ Niche, King Kalala, Gudaman 


NRG Circle

Ibu ike nene, DJ Niche, King Kalala


NRG Circle

Ibu ike nene, Sean N Mpreezy, DJ Niche.



Following up on the above information, the new lead presenter stated, “There have been a lot of segments we have come up with , luckily I’ve always had the same radio team Ibu and DJ Niche and now Sean … we are all creatives so we share ideas and come up with solid segments . I’d say it’s always been a team effort.”  She added that all presenters have unique skills. 

The former TV reality personality left us with a tip “My vision, the same as NRG Radio, not only are is shaping the culture , but I also  shaping the future of the presenters, which is a humbling experience!


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