The Christmas Miracle is Here!

Written by on December 17, 2021

Did you know that most families in Kenya will not be able to afford Christmas? Well, you are in control of that. The NRG Family is ready to #GiveandGrow. If you are an avid listener to our Radio Station, you will note that we have been encouraging you to come through for the families in need. This is as simple as dropping off your food stuff, or any packages at our offices which will allow us to share the joy with the families.

Do you know your neighbor’s names? Let us just go back to the last time you even shared a meal with them. If you are thinking hard, you are probably out of luck! Get on it, do something for them now! I know I have touched on what you can share with them, allowing me to expound on the matter well and clearly.

Food Stuff

For most people, dried food is a preferable way to share their kindness. This would definitely be long-lasting, and will also bring forth a wholesome meal. Cereals like, lentils, beans, maize etc may save this moment for sure

Clothes, shoes and beddings

This is amongst the basic needs. We have all been experiencing the change of weather, this includes the long rains, cold nights and eventually, the cold flu that has come with it. Who would have thought that some part of Kenya would also experience snow? Well, donating clothes would literally warm people up to the heart. That lovely top, trouser or jeans that you bought and didn’t fit you would really be a lifesaver to someone. Let’s look around your house, there is this one perfect pair of shoes that you have been looking to give someone, this is the time. You could also warm someone’s sleep by giving them the extra duvet or blanket that you don’t use!

Care Packages

Are you in an organization that is willing to go the extra mile? Do you have the products that you feel needy people could really use? This is the time to step up! Corporate Social Responsibility not only gives you the freedom to give but it also allows you to give bigger and better. Some people give in public while some don’t prefer to be known. We are giving you the chance to share your joy with others this season.

All in all, NRG Radio is here for you. Don’t forget to share the amazing news with others. Remember, Christmas came early, it’s going to be short and sweet. What are you giving?

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