Written by on June 15, 2022

Have you ever cheated? Do you like how it feels, going behind your partner and having something new awaken inside you?

I have cheated, but this is not about me. I did my own research as to why couples cheat and this is what I came up with;

Curiosity- You want to know how it feels like, why do people cheat even though they won’t let go of their current partner. What is it they are looking for, that is not in their relationship?

Communication- Trying to communicate effectively with your partner is a noble cause. When you can’t communicate with your partner, you are opening the door to misunderstandings and creating distance.If you’re in it for the long haul with someone, you’re probably going to end up raising your voice sometimes. But if this becomes a habit between the two of you, you might be creating more problems than you can’t solve.

Better sex- Oops! I said it, yes probably your partner has let their game down, and you need more excitement while we are getting to it. You need understand your partner’s preference when it comes to sex don’t be selfish and finish before they do.

Revenge- Revenge ruins every essence of any relationship. Even if your partner has ditched you or hurt you, it does not make much sense to plant revenge against your partner. I know you will feel offended enough to want to cheat.

Adrenaline rush- It gives you some sort of excitement to know that you’re doing something nasty and bad and the thought of being caught makes you happy or want it even more. This is a bad one I promise you.

Insecurities – You probably think your partner is cheating on you, so you jump the gun and cheat on them first.

I am not telling anyone to cheat on their partners, if you do really adore, love and respect your partner, you’d not hurt them by cheating. If the relationship you are in doesn’t work for you, you have a choice to leave.

Again I am not a relationship coach, these are just my opinions.

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