I believe the circle of your friends has the potential to impact your future positively or negatively. As the saying goes, ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you’re.’ 

We are living in the most amazing time in human history; and yet everyday I see people who don’t know it and don’t feel the need to network themselves with people who impact their lives positively. 

When you surround yourself with positive influences, it becomes that much easier to stay focused on your end goals. You’ll feel better about yourself. You’ll feel energized and motivated when you spend time with these people:


These are the best people to hang around with because they inspire you to live this life like there is no tomorrow! So you focus more on your opportunities than what worries you. They always tend to bring the feeling of abundance, instead of limitation. 

For me, nothing is more inspiring than learning from real people who manifest their dreams. From inspiring people who have found ways of turning obstacles into opportunities. Who’ve figured out ways to be resourceful when they lack resources. Who focused more on persistence and dedication than excuses


Happiness is very essential in life and if you lead a happy life, you will live for many years. Here is a sneak peek into how we spend our time with my friend; so since we are no longer interested in being drunk, we just chill, have some yummy snack and chit chat.

So whenever you feel low, meet with someone who has an amazing personality to avoid stress and depression so that you can lead a happy life. 


Happy people are positive thinkers, hopeful about the future, and I believe that things will work out for the best in the end. Such an attitude is associated with lower stress levels.

We should normalize handling obstacles as a stepping stone for growth and additional opportunities; accepting that sometimes we need to choose a different path. 


Think of a time you told someone how grateful you were for their help, support or even just for being in your life. How did that moment make you and that person feel?

Or maybe you can remember a time someone gave you something, something you didn’t buy or ask for – just a token of their appreciation? It felt pretty good, didn’t it?

The more gratitude we display, the more our subjective well-being and resistance to negativity increases, and the more grateful we are likely to be.

Surrounding yourself with people who have an optimistic outlook; means living a life filled with happy memories.

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