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Have you ever talked to someone and wondered why they’re not comfortable with you coming closer to them? Most probably its because you had a bad breath and they didn’t want to tell you to your face. having a  a smelly mouth? worry no more, I have a few tips on how to keep your  […]

The festive season is finally here and you do not have to go out of your way to make Christmas memorable by doing really expensive activities. Due to the health crisis going on you can also stay home and have fun with family and friends. Below are some affordable ways to have fun in style […]

Are you looking for a way to spice up your special event? Here’s the secret, Baileys Irish Cream has got you, and here is how you can have it the ideal way. Game night or movie night. Make your movie night playful and perfect by having the enticing and subtle sweetness found in the best […]

Mental illness is a brain illness that affects your mood, thinking and behavior. Mental illness includes; anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders among others. Mental illnesses affect 19% of the adult population, 46% of teenagers and 13% of children each year. One of every four people gets affected by a mental health issue every year.   […]

Box braids are the main protective style for African hair to keep it moisturized and healthy. You can however get tired of box braids; but before you get rid of them, let me tell you different ways you can hold them for a whole new look and revamp. Buns, buns and more buns: Hold your […]

It’s a global affair. Baileys is globally recognized and consumed. More than 80 million bottles of baileys are produced in Dublin and exported to over 180 countries in the world. So as you enjoy this drink remember that you’re doing it with other millions of other bailey friends. Irish and african ingredients are key. Just […]

Things no one is talking about is how to take care of your hands when we’re sanitizing every few minutes. Constantly washing your hands with soap and water and sanitizer strips your hands of dirt and germs but it also dries up and cracks your hands. The soap you use is important If you’re in […]

Nowadays every effort is being put on tips on how to take care of your natural hair but what about African relaxed hair? Not all Africans and African Americans have gone natural, some of us are still thriving with relaxed hair and that means we also have to take care of it well. Here are […]

Nairobi has been really cold lately and the forecast predicts that it’s only going to get colder. As cold as it gets, life has to go on. This means that we still have to go to work, events and hang outs thus we also need to dress the part. Here are a few tricks to […]

Almost everyone has thought of what the world will be like after COVID19 especially because of the major changes that have occurred during this pandemic. What will be the new normal? How will human beings and animals adapt? There have been a few predictions made by experts and observers on what the new future may […]

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