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This morning when I woke up, I was imagining how life would be if I flew to Nairobi from Rongai. Okay, level with me first, I have to sun bathe, do my daily prayers, eat breakfast then prepare to leave for work. When I step outside the door, I know for a fact that the […]

Hello, I am talking to you. How kind have you been to people?In Fact let me narrow it to today? Have you been good to anyone one today? Well, if you are thinking about it, you need to stop reading this article, wake up, walk up to someone, and give them a compliment with a […]

It’s official, I am now alive.For a long time, things have been inactive, we have seen limited movement of people, business closed.Have you ever imagined that a city could listen? This is Nairobi, the city that listens. If I was, Nairobi, I would be the socialite that people want to talk about, be around and […]

Happy New Month,October is gone, we had the curfew lifted in Kenya, and the public transport service is back. In Kenya breast cancer awareness is supported by the Kenya Cancer Association. It helps women get access to education, screening and any other support they need.It has been seen taking action in different places around the […]

When was the last time you ate a burger? Was it fresh, tasty, and made with love? Right, you don’t know. I had burgers from the new FNKY brgr  along Mombasa Road. Of course, I had to go to the nearest place from Rongai. Walking into  Victoria Courts along Mombasa Road, I spotted the heavy […]

Where were you when the end of curfew was announced? I was on my way to work, yes 20th October was a day to remember. I remember being reluctant to listen to the president’s speech. Another day of extension of the curfew, I thought! When the news was confirmed, I didn’t know how to react. […]

Are you a young person living in Nairobi? Well, welcome to living on a budget. Whether you are a student, intern or recently started working, you have to learn how to live on a budget. Therefore, let’s examine how you can have financial and physical health while still on a budget Make use of Mama […]

When was the last time you went for vacation? Whom did you go on vacation with? For most of us, the holiday season has always been defined by the aspect of going on vacation since being of tender age . At the new phase of financial independence, most of us have had a chance to […]

When was the last time you had a balanced diet? What could be your description of a balanced diet? A well-balanced diet means eating the right number of nutrients to generate the body with the right energy it needs to function properly. It also means getting the right amount of nutrition to support general growth […]

Leading global technology platform doubling its investment to expand its operations in Africa, with plans to hire top talent in these markets, raising the bar for on-demand delivery and strengthening its commitment to Africa. Glovo, one of the world’s leading multi-category delivery platforms, recently announced the expansion of its operations in Africa, to include Ghana […]

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