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Having apple cider vinegar in your house is the key to solving most of your health issues. Always ensure that the apple cider vinegar is all natural, and labeled “with the mother”. Taking a teaspoon of apple cider every week is said to help reduce your cholesterol levels. It also works as medicine to heal […]

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; a saying that has been with us since we were kids but what does it really mean? when we are busy adulting; going to work, paying bills and being responsible we may forget to enjoy ourselves in the process. It’s important to have a good […]

Just as society sets certain standards for women to look a certain way, the same is passed on to the men. There are a few things that stand out in men’s physical appearance that say a lot about them. Your beard How you keep your beard is the first thing people will notice when they […]

Your brain is the most important part of your body. Without your brain; your body can’t function, you can’t think as well as having no memories. Your brain is basically what makes you, You. That’s why it’s very vital to exercise your brain just as much as you exercise your body, if not more.  When […]

As a woman, how you look often dictates how you feel about yourself. With so many beauty advertisement, ticks and ideas it’s impossible and costly to consume all of them. Not everyone has the time to get glammed up everyday in order to feel good but there’s basic beauty steps that are essential for every […]

As much as death is inevitable, why speed up the process with small habits that are harmful to your health? Due to life’s rat race we tend to adapt various habits in our routine mostly due to the desire to achieve certain goals. We compromise on certain things unaware of the dangers they cause on […]

Helicobacter pylori commonly known as ‘H-pylori’ is a type of bacteria which is said to exist in every single person in different quantities. They usually live in the digestive tract and if they are untreated, it usually results in stomach sores, ulcers and in extreme cases, stomach cancer. You can be infected with h-pylori from […]

Coconut is said to be the cure for everything inside and outside your body, rumor has it that it even cures heartbreaks 🙂 Just sprinkle coconut oil over your skin and drink a bit of it for your body and before you know it, you’re living your best life!   Coconut oil contains vitamin E, […]

After being on a hiatus since her infamous 2018 overdose,Demi Lovato made her triumphant comeback by a premiering a new powerful ballad and with a groundbreaking performance to boot at Sunday’s 62nd Grammy Awards. The new song Anyone is Demi’s testament to what she has had to grappled since her near-fatal overdose and the consequent rehab […]

Smelling good all the time will give you a boost of confidence even when you don’t feel as confident. Someone who always has a fresh scent is likely to be more respected, liked and pleasing to be around. To keep yourself fresh always; cleanliness is the major first step. Taking a shower at least once […]

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