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We may not like to admit it, but there’s always jealousy lurking somewhere when dating a gorgeous woman. It is the dream of every man to find a beautiful girlfriend. However, dating pretty ladies may come with some insecurities. Inside the tiny cells of his heart, the man might be experiencing some problems although this depends […]

Relationships are very hard to start and maintain. However, when you follow the rules of relationships, things can go well with you. Various relationships end for various reasons. When you and your boyfriend are facing an issue, it can be tough to figure out what’s fixable and what’s an ongoing problem that won’t improve. After […]

Singer Akothee has shared her sad memories of how she lost her 3 babies. In an interview with SDE, she explained what happened that left her baby dead. “My first child came when I was still very young… I had two more children by the time I was 16. Unfortunately, the second child contracted pneumonia […]

Rihanna has been given an ambassadorial role in her native Barbados. The singer and entrepreneur will promote education, tourism and investment in her home country. The artist, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was named “Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary” for her home country on Thursday. The role involves promoting education, tourism and investment. Prime Minister […]

Singer Nyota Ndogo was recently on Facebook to lament how she was conned using black magic in a situation she can’t really explain. According to the singer who is known for her hit song Watu na Viatu, she got a visit from an unknown man who demanded cash from her. Unlike any other person who would […]

First date jitters are a thing, because even when we can swipe right and left to find our dream match, we’re still always hit with a case of nerves when it comes to meeting them outside of our iPhone screens. Dating is like fishing. You need to prepare well, use the right equipment, be alert. […]

After Sharon Otieno died in a gruesome murder from an illicit relationship she was currently having with Governor Obado, many celebs have spoken about the saga, warning both old and young people to avoid such relationships. Jalango has come out to warn people from such relationships which usually end badly. For Jalang’o, the only way to […]

Gospel singer Size 8 was scared after getting her first-born. She recently came out to reveal that having a daughter scared her to a point she didn’t want to leave the maternity. “To all the new mothers out there wondering if the child will ever grow coz of the work involved in raising a very […]

Let’s be honest here: making an impulse buy is kind of fun—at least in the moment. You walk into a store not anticipating an extra purchase, yet the perfect sale appears right in front of you! It’s meant to be, right? You wanted to save, pay bills, and pay off debt; however, you always felt like there […]

The best way to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease is not to have sex. However, that isn’t a choice that most people are always willing to make. If you’re smart, and you do your homework, it is possible to avoid STDs almost entirely, even while having lots of sex with lots of partners… BUT, you must do your homework, […]

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