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Coconut is said to be the cure for everything inside and outside your body, rumor has it that it even cures heartbreaks 🙂 Just sprinkle coconut oil over your skin and drink a bit of it for your body and before you know it, you’re living your best life!   Coconut oil contains vitamin E, […]

After being on a hiatus since her infamous 2018 overdose,Demi Lovato made her triumphant comeback by a premiering a new powerful ballad and with a groundbreaking performance to boot at Sunday’s 62nd Grammy Awards. The new song Anyone is Demi’s testament to what she has had to grappled since her near-fatal overdose and the consequent rehab […]

Smelling good all the time will give you a boost of confidence even when you don’t feel as confident. Someone who always has a fresh scent is likely to be more respected, liked and pleasing to be around. To keep yourself fresh always; cleanliness is the major first step. Taking a shower at least once […]

Today over the counter medicines are so easily accessible with or without a prescription. Whenever you go to the hospital or pharmacy, it’s a guarantee that you will leave with a bag of antibiotics. This has lead to the misuse and over use of drugs, mostly antibiotics. Slight headache, stomach ache, flu, undiagnosed ailment, most […]

The new Netflix documentary on the life of former American football player Aaron Hernandez has been rubbished by his attorney Jose Baez. The documentary Killer Inside:The Mind of Aaron Hernandez digs deep into the downfall of the late Patriots player. The documentary seems to suggest that Hernandez committed suicide owing to his sexuality,a claim that […]

Most people like to identify themselves as either a night owl or a morning person. This means, a night owl is more alert at night when everyone else is dead asleep and a morning person has no problem waking up earlier than everybody else to get things done.   But, are these identities set in […]

Cancer has become the biggest death threat in Kenya with an estimate of 90 people dying of cancer daily according to the National Cancer Institute of Kenya. Just last year we lost prominent figures in Kenya to cancer; (from right to left) the late Boment Governor, Joyce Laboso, Kibra MP Ken Okoth and Bob Collymore […]

Glowing is basically everybody’s goals in 2020. Whether you’re a man or a woman we all want to hear sweet compliments from friends and strangers on how we are looking healthier and happier. The best proven way to get those heads turning with your fresh look and feel is to subscribe to water, water and […]

Turns out Bella Hadid and Beyonce are the two most beautiful women in the world,at least according to a recent Scientific study. Yes,beauty gets rated in Science too.   The study carried out by the Golden Ratio of  Beauty Phi suggests that Beyonce is the second most beautiful woman in the world,after supermodel Bella Hadid. […]

Whew chile,the shock! A US teenager reportedly masturbated 56 times before he succumbed to a heart atttack. As if that is not enough,grapevine has it that he was awarded a world certificate by a Guinness representative for breaking the world record,who showed up to the deceased’s home upon hearing the news. The teen,Jerome Carpenter,from the […]

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