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Legendary producer Jermaine Dupri’s sentiments on the prevailing female rap scene have stirred mixed reactions from stakeholders and fans alike. The So So Def mastermind,in an interview,said that ”today’s female rappers are only rapping about the same thing,it’s like strippers rapping.” Asked for his take as regards the new wave of contemporary female rappers,Dupri had […]

She may not be everyone’s cup of tea,but Taylor Swift is stacking ’em up. Amidst her never-ending controversies,her achievements are relentless.  Forbes has named Taylor Swift as the highest paid entertainer. Kylie Jenner may be the richest in Hollywood,but not even her could a candle to Taylor Swift when it comes to those annual earnings. […]

Hot in the heels of her larger-than-life birthday celebrations this past weekend,Tanasha Donna’s sophomore single Nah Easy is here. Off of her upcoming EP dubbed Donnatella,the single is testament to the fact that Donna has mastered the dancehall genre seamlessly,and is hell-bent in taking the music scene by storm. Suffice to say,she is fast doing […]

A second round doesn’t hurt,does it? So,you thought we were done unleashing our unrelenting moves? That’s a far cry. Less than a year since our inception,we have proved ourselves the movers and shakers that we inherently are. Or which radio station racks up all the numbers and soars to #1  in a years’ time? None,unless […]

Your favorite East African couple just let you in on a little secret. One that they have unusually kept under wraps for months on end,all while courting immense speculation: Tanasha Donna is 7 months pregnant. That we can exclusively confirm.Suffice to say it must have taken efforts in leaps and bounds to downplay a pregnancy […]

The elusive chanteuse basically just sent all the contestants of the Bottle Cap Challenge home with her seamless version of it. Being MiMi,she obviously would do it her way,and that she did. Except,her way proved the most effortless yet borderline outlandish. Typical Mariah,suffice to say. The Bottle Cap Challenge craze swept over the interwebs for […]

Just when we thought Taylor Swift’s name would cease being a Hollywood controversy staple,another drama just ensued. Only this time,it involves the music manager Scooter Brown. In a lengthy post on her Tumblr,Taylor fiercely put Brown on blast, who also manages among other A-list stars,Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber,for allegedly acquiring all the masters to […]

He might be the most annoying troll since he burst onto the limelight a few months with the mega hit,Old Town Road,but his latest cryptic announcement could be a far cry from trolling. After dropping his much-anticipated EP 7 coupled with the perpetual success of Old Town Road,Lil Nas X’s advent is beyond question. It […]

After their 2015 duet I Know What You Did Last Summer  proved that they are one indomitable musical pair,Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are back with a new chilling collab Senorita. The two had teased the new release with cryptic posts for months on end so it was a no-brainer that they had a second […]

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                       ______________________________________________________________________________ 2019 Groove Awards Winners Unveiled Nairobi, (June 1st 2019) – The 14th Annual Groove Awards Gala went down on Saturday in a colorful celebration held at Mövenpick Hotel Westlands.   Glam, Fashion, Pomp and Color graced the red carpet with Government Officials, Celebrities, Gospel Artists, Media Personalities and Music Fans bringing […]

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