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Well I am back and this time with something much more fabulous than the prior. Introducing BALMAIN. Balmain is a household name in fashion with outstanding couture and lavish timeless classic pieces with fabrics such as fur, especially as an accent, satins, tulle, pearls, and embroideries. Under the management of current creative director Olivier Rousteing, […]

The other day as I was having a friend over, she had a broken tooth. My first question was, ” Why haven’t you had that fixed by your dentist?” Funny enough she doesn’t have a dentist, neither has she ever had her teeth checked out. Well, she’s not the only one, right? Most people think […]

Monday, January 11, 2021  The government has initiated immediate reorganization of security teams in Kericho County in a  deliberate move to tame an alarming rise in the production, sale, and consumption of illicit brews in the area.  Following concerns from wananchi and religious leaders regarding the involvement of some  administrators and police in the running […]

The word Breakfast means to ‘break the overnight fasting period’ and is the most important meal of the day. Weekday mornings are often our busiest because we have school, work, gym and many other things to do during weekday mornings. We often find ourselves leaving the house in a hurry and not even taking breakfast […]

We are living in interesting and trying times and that makes it very important to regularly do a mental health check. Not only was 2020 a legit hard year with the pandemic, this generation in itself is tough and we are all trying to adjust and keep up. The first thing to recognize and accept […]

What is the worlds most expensive purse? Is it small, big ,central coloured or does it come in all colours and sizes? The BIRKIN bag iconically named after actress Jane Birkin was birthed in the skies on a flight from London to Paris.Jane Mallory Birkin a phenomenal actress born in December 1946 to English actress […]

Am here for this conversation. My girls and I were talking and one of them asked out loud, ‘How often do you guys change your panties?’ Do you know we were quiet for like two minutes. Well, I would like to believe it’s not because we don’t change them (haha) but because it struck us […]

The airline’s four weekly services to Washington State’s largest city will launch almost two months ahead of schedule  Passengers travelling to or from Seattle can connect via the Best Airport in the Middle East with over 75 destinations in Africa, Asia, India and the Middle East   Passengers travelling to and from the U.S., including […]

There are many ways you can overspend without even knowing it. Have you ever had two thousands shillings with you and all of a sudden you have like five hundred bob, and honestly you didn’t buy anything that important? Yeah! it happens to the best of us. Now imagine you were going out to shop […]

NO Is a simple word but can make someone’s feelings get really hurt. Imagine asking a girl/boy out for a date and they say no, this can make a person really heartbroken, rejection can make a person feel negative about themselves one may start to feel as if they are not good enough and it […]

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