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Singer Vivian rose from just a mare hawker to a superstar thanks to her music. So she’ll defiantly hit back at any person saying she’s not a worthy artist. The Main Switch Records signee fired back with venom after a bunch of Kenyans claimed her music isn’t quality enough and, that she’s a boring artist. […]

If you want to truly stunt on the roads, you better get yourself a multimillion ride. And that’s what creative Susan Kaittany had done after acquiring a new Jeep Wrangler. Kiatany, who many know as Betty Kyalo’s BFF – if they kissed and made up – also owns part of the famous Posh Palace. She […]

Vera Sidika is one lady who doesn’t hide from sponsors. She recently opened up about her first man who used to spoil her. She admits that he is her first and only sponsor but highlights the fact that he was not married at the time of the relationship. “He was in a situation where he […]

Brian Ochieng and Eugene Okumu who teamed up to form Mankind have released their new song dubbed “Take and Go”, which is basically alternate music, mixed with a little bit of funk. The two kids have been signed under Pine Creek Records for a whopping three million bob. Their latest single has been produced by Pine […]

Producer Maich Blaq has come out to share that Redsan wanted him to contribute on his firth album but things didn’t fall in place because of his tight schedule. “We did not make hit songs, we made classic songs that will b remembered for a long time…2 unforgettable albums, it was great to connect again […]

Khaligraph Jones’ ex-girlfriend Ms Cashy is the newest mother in town. Ms Cashy, who had dated Khaligraph for half a decade, delivered the baby two weeks ago but kept it under wraps. News about Cashy and Khaligraph’s breakup first surfaced in mid April this year. Khaligraph set the record straight saying that he was no longer […]

Kayole’s finest, Khaligraph Jones, has come out to explain why he ate raw meat in his latest hit, “Rider” which features fellow rapper Petra. Jones in the video is seen biting raw liver, a thing Kenyans were quick to link with devil worshiping and illuminati. But according to Khaligraph, it’s just pushing boundaries and stepping […]

A Lady who snatched her best friend’s husband felt the wrath of karma after the man divorced her months after the wedding and, even snatched a brand new Land Rover he had gifted her. The Rover was then given to his first wife. Davies Mukumbwa, a businessman in Zimbabwe, left his wife for his side […]

After posing for a photo wearing a sleeveless top aiming to market her makeup artist after a nice job, popular TV host Kaleche Mumo found herself in an unexpected waters. Kenyans started trolling her arms which had a few patches and some rudely asked her to cover up. Kenyans weren’t interested on the makeup on […]

Former TV personality Louis Otieno has gone deaf as things turn from bad to worse in his quest to regain his normal life. Otieno, who is currently suffering from Acute pancreatitis, said people who were close to him, including millionaires and politicians have abandoned him and cannot help him get the treatment he needs the […]

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