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Socialite Bridget Achieng has come out to reveal that her boyfriend’s mother didn’t want her to get married to her son because she was only a tailor’s daughter. Her would be mother-in-law told her to look for a man from her own class. She took to social media to open up saying that her boyfriend’s […]

In a latest break up song, Otile shares why he stopped loving Vera Sidika and why he eventually broke up with her. The reasons are not flattering for Queen Vee at all. “Words burn my heart, but they will not stop me from speaking out. If you had already killed me, your statement [on our […]

Actress Nyce Wanjeri popularly known for her character Shiro Warugongo has quit the hit sitcom Auntie Boss. Penning an emotional post on her social media, the actress announced that after 15 seasons of the show airing on NTV, it was time to call it quits. She thanked her fans, the show’s production team (cast and […]

He may not have officially tied the knot with Hailey Baldwin just yet, but Justin Bieber is reportedly firming up his ties to America. According to TMZ, the Canadian singer has applied for dual citizenship, meaning he will become an American citizen while also retaining his Canadian status. In addition to his relationship with Baldwin, Bieber has strong connections to the […]

Rihanna is the author of a new op-ed for The Guardian, which advocates for the advancement of worldwide education support initiatives. The singer discusses her upbringing in Barbados as part of her inspiration for becoming involved with education advocacy. “Growing up in Barbados, I did not always love school. It can feel like a grind, especially when […]

Social activist and radio personality Adelle Onyango has launched an initiative that will equip the youth and prepare them for the job market. Together with an online talent management platform, Fuzu, Adelle has unveiled a job apprenticeship initiative that will take successful applicants through a two-week shadowing process with executives in over 30 companies. “It’s […]

Fans think comedian Chipukeezy is always rude to his guests and always after making them look bad in his show on Ebru TV. Chipukeezy on the other hand believes fans and a section of artists who are complaining misunderstand his jokes. “I think people sometimes misunderstand me, and generally what this show is all about. […]

Nigerian song bird Tiwa Savage took to social media to complain of rogue promoters who abandoned her after her performance at Carnivore grounds. The Nigerian singer came out to expose the event organizers behind Redsan’s event for ignoring her just after the gig was over. She claimed that the promoters did not pay for her […]

Timothy Kimani, known in entertainment circles as Njugush, is without a doubt the most sought-after comedian in Kenya at the moment.

It seems Otile Brown has already moved on weeks after a messy break up with socialite-turned-businesswoman Vera Sidika.

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