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Video chat apps have become sustainable for connection with family, friends, coworkers, teachers, doctors, and even strangers. So it’s very crucial to buy a Telkom sim card for you to enjoy 1GB plus 100Minutes every month for life by dialing *544*0#. The 1GB bundle is quite efficient and sustainable especially when video calling. The COVID-19 […]

I enjoy watching movies especially during my free time, and mostly it’s on my way home. If you live in Kenya, then you know how traffic can be a big headache and cause so much boredom. I found an easy way to stay active in traffic by catching up on movies and content videos. This […]

The epic edition of NRG Turn-up is back and hundreds of people are already excited to party NRG style. Aside from the excitement of traveling all the way to different counties all over Kenya, for example, Mombasa and Thika; the tours got more exciting too, courtesy of Guinness Smooth. Listeners also got the chance to […]

Do you also cry because of a movie? Yes, I’m  sure I’m not the first person to admit the number of times I have found myself crying for no reason are many. Many things can make a woman emotional, mostly everything has been blamed  on her hormones. Whenever a woman is about to have her […]

The exciting Telkom offers have made such an impact in our lives, right? When was the first time you got that free Telkom Card and enjoyed the amazing offers? Let’s recap a bit… The only line that has grown to 60% in terms of market recipient only started in 2018. Telkom has grown to be […]

Whenever two people with different backgrounds, ideas, emotions, dreams, opinions and ideologies about life get together, there is bound to be conflict in one form or another. How often do you disagree with your partner? Fights can emerge from anything and everything. You might wonder if it is healthy to fight;  Fights don’t mean you […]

Hilda Achieng , the mother of the late eight year old girl, Michelle, is seeking justice after her child was killed by her teacher.On Thursday 22nd of July, Kenyans were shocked after the human rights activist, Boniface Mwangi, shared the story on social media. According to his post, the eight year old girl was hit […]

The Kilimani Police Division in Nairobi, has launched an investigation on the mysterious death of two Nigerian men. The men are said to have died during a night party hosted at Sky Horse Apartment in Kilimani. News reports that they were at a party the night before their demise. The apartment’s caretaker said that they […]

The Kilimani Police Division in Nairobi has launched an investigation into the mysterious death of two Nigerian men who lost their lives during a night party hosted at Sky Horse Apartment in Kilimani. First, forward to the previous night, it has been confirmed by the caretaker of the apartment that they had thrown a party […]

It is described as dissociative episodes, a sensation of your consciousness leaving your body. These episodes are often reported by people who have had near-death experiences. People also call it ‘OBE’ in short. If you have watched the movie titled, ‘Behind-her-eyes’ on Netflix you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, then I highly […]

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