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When you think of Airtel, what comes to mind? Is it the amazing data bundles, free to free calls on Airtel sim cards or spending less when making calls to other networks? Personally I have used Airtel for as long as I can remember and the most amazing part about it is that I have […]

A good way to kick start your weekend is enjoying your Tusker Lite over ice. However, buying a pack or two from your local liquor store doesn’t guarantee your drinks will be chilled. My friends and I often like to invest some time in making sure that our beverage is properly cooled. These are some […]

The heartbreaking incident that took place in Rio de Janeiro, came just two weeks after he tied the knot in Mexico with his girlfriend, a criminal lawyer, Deolane Bezerra. Kevin Nascimento Bueno, 23, also known as MC Kevin, was having a threesome with a super sexy model. Millions of views on YouTube with a further […]

NAIROBI, 30 April 2021… Kevin Nduhiu has been crowned the winner of World Class Global Competition, Kenyan chapter. Mr Nduhiu emerged victorious after flooring 20 other contestants. The winner will be among the 55 mixologists globally, battling for the coveted title of World Class Bartender of the Year. This year’s global finals will take place […]

I was so excited when Airtel launched its 4G Network. It allows me to create new experiences through wide data offers and voice products such as Amazing data bundles, UnlimiNET, Tubonge, and the 2bob tariff.  Airtel 4G Network is pretty standard these days. The odds are your phone already supports it. But what if you […]

Remember the first time you switched your mobile network? What was the real reason behind it? To be honest, my main reason was directly linked with the network data and offers. Switching to Telkom has been the best decision I made, not only do I get affordable internet data but also free calls and text […]

Well reader, most of the time it becomes really hard to keep life pushing. It becomes even harder when the means to life show the least glimmer of hope. Many are the times we find ourselves deep in the sunken space and/or place and we can’t get ourselves out or even worse we didn’t see […]

MAMBO 99 Bundle. Internet is now the new central to how we do things! Its mind-blowing how the MAMBO 99 bundle is of great advantage to me especially when I am doing my research online and also when connecting with friends and family. Telkom is offering the MAMBO 99 Bundle that entails; 99 MB and […]

If there is one thing that fascinates me it’s having a car. The beauty in owning one is that you can have your favorite model, whichever color you want, switch up the rims, the interior could be leather or better yet buy a car that suits your budget. My friends and I were looking to […]

Over the years, Telkom has always had the best interest at heart when it comes to making calls or internet bundles. In this generation, our phones are everything, we use them to Google for directions, stream movies or zoom in on meetings. Mambo 99 bundle is a consumer champion product as it enables people to […]

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