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After a weeks long streak of their rather controversial romance,looks like Lil Fizz and Omarion’s baby mama Apryl Jones are donezo! The two who got on with each other late last year were the subject of tremendous backlash due to the unlikely dynamic of their relationship..or who unabashedly gets with their bandmate’s baby mama and […]

Kanye West has his eyes set on transcending borders with his critically Sunday Service in 2020. Grapevine has it that Ye plans on taking the Sunday Service on the road..he’s eyeing Africa and Europe! Kanye recently celebrated 1 year since the inception of Sunday Service, no mean feat given the success that has resulted from […]

The first release off of Tanasha Donna’s upcoming EP Donnatella is out and it is quite something! Perhaps in her quest to veer off from the route she plied with her 2 previous uptempo singles,La Vie is ballad-inclined as they come. Featuring fellow artiste Mbosso,the song infuses Swahili,French and English almost seamlessly as Tanasha showcases […]

Whoever saw it right to put two of the biggest breakout stars of 2019 on a duet is deserving of a Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed on them..enough said! After a myriad and tell-tale teases that they were working together,Normani and Megan Thee Stallion finally dropped what should in a nutshell be described as a juggernaut […]

Showbiz is one heck of a dodgy affair. One minute you are atop the world,the next you have faded into oblivion. Uncertainty lurks all over the place when it comes to career longevity,or lack thereof. If the odds are in your favor,you could be one of the few with a career spanning decades,or if you […]

Looks like the changes on the Billboard charts are far from over. As far as sales are in regard, there has been major developments that have seen calculations that culminate into sale profiles stretch further and further from the old methods-ala the ‘only pure sales’-esque way of doing this.   The latest trend entails YouTube;such […]

Nadia Mukami The young lass was only in campus at Maseno University when she was discovered and signed on by Kaka Empire. In a world of Vivianne and and Avril, she has carved her niche as perhaps the next huge Kenyan female contemporary singer with Coastal accent-laced Swahili. And true to that,she has amassed quite […]

You have relentlessly been on our toes trying to demystify what we have underway on December 31,and when we are going to get the ticketing information out from its grave obscurity. Well,you need to ask no more! We just made the BIG,FAT reveal-Jamaican reggae maestro Mark Anthony Myrie alias Buju Banton will headline our annual […]

Record labels are a double-edged sword. They have been known to catapult an artiste’s career to the skies,or bring about profound resurgence of a deteriorating career,or downright see that a career fades into oblivion. Whether by sheer bad luck, or merely just being victims of errant contractual agreements,some artiste’s careers have been subjected to this […]

2019 has had its fair share of hits. It is quite one of the best years in Kenyan music,after a long time of conversations pertaining to the infiltration of foreign music into our market. Behind these hits are witty,utterly talented songwriters whose pen-game and artistic ingenuity goes without saying. They penned some of the most […]

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