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First date jitters are a thing, because even when we can swipe right and left to find our dream match, we’re still always hit with a case of nerves when it comes to meeting them outside of our iPhone screens. Dating is like fishing. You need to prepare well, use the right equipment, be alert. […]

Gospel singer Size 8 was scared after getting her first-born. She recently came out to reveal that having a daughter scared her to a point she didn’t want to leave the maternity. “To all the new mothers out there wondering if the child will ever grow coz of the work involved in raising a very […]

The most stressful part about an unexpected pregnancy is wondering how to tell everyone. What will people say? For couples eager to start a family, there’s no news more exhilarating than “I’m pregnant!” After all, a child deepens your relationship with your partner while taking it to new heights and changes both of your lives forever. […]

Men are visual creatures but believe it or not after the sexual thoughts they have about you, they also want to know more about you. From lisps (yes, you read that correctly) to ponytails, here are 7 conventionally non-sexual things that turn men on, per Reddit. You’ll never look at random objects the same way […]

Once you decide to get married, it can feel like one swift free-fall toward the big day. It’s easy to get caught up in wedding planning and let every single interaction with your sweetie revolve around wedding details and decisions. Here are some of the things you should address when starting a relationship that could lead to marriage. 1. […]

Relationships are some of the best things in life.  They’re fun. They’re exciting. Social psychologist Erich Fromm gave us all a big clue when he said that love isn’t a feeling, but a practice. You fall in love and the butterflies are raging through your stomach. Being with your new lover is the only thing you […]

Most men will say they want an intelligent, confident and independent lady but when they encounter an intelligent lady they tend to be intimidated. According to world facts, most intelligent ladies are single and this is highly driven by the men they tend to encounter. “There are fewer educated men in the world for educated […]

A relationship or the marriage institution requires more than just love for your partner in order to prosper. When children come into the family,it has been argued that the attention shifts to the kids which if not handled in a proper way might affect the relationship Marriage is like a human body and therefore needs […]

Singer Akothee is not impressed that her three girls don’t take alcohol. On social media, she shared that the three daughters only go out but don’t consume alcohol but she wishes they’d drink once in a while. She went on to share that they are also the only ones who can access her naked photos […]

Oscar Wilde famously said that the truth is rarely pure and never simple. When we get into relationships, we swear that we want to be told the truth at all times no matter how ugly it is. Then when we’re actually told the truth, we get upset, become psychotic or even break up the relationship […]

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