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Primary school science teachers had us chanting this phrase all the time, and chant we did. Little did we know that this phrase would come back to haunt us as sexually active adults. Many a time, we pay no regard to what we put into our bodies, eating carelessly as we go, yet expect to […]

Have you ever been in a relationship where you can’t perform basic human tasks (like breathing) without your personal person? I haven’t. Ever. I however know of people who are joined at the hip to their partners and that’s cute, but it’s also very dangerous. Human life is finite; people die. We were born to […]

Want to make your sweet girlfriend feel more special and loved? Use these 20 great ways on how to make your girlfriend happy to do that, every day. Making your girlfriend feel happy and loved isn’t a complicated confusion. In reality, it’s very simple. You just need to make her feel special and cared for […]

While disusing her post-pregnancy body, 36-year-old Beyonce said she is happy to embrace her curves, and will only choose to shed weight on her own terms. Her comments come at a time when many were convinced she was pregnant again. In an interview with Vogue Magazine, the singer confessed that her body has changed since giving […]

Everyone loves their nice served with a touch of nasty, am I right? Being nasty makes the recipient feel desired and naughty, and the nasty person basically opens up the doors to some extra love and affection from their partner. It’s that extra zing in everyone’s love life that is either missing or is too […]

What, in your opinion, is the bare minimum a guy / girl should do to keep a romantic relationship alive? What is the least a guy can do during courtship to maintain interest? And are these bare minimum requirements being met? I can bet that the answer to my last question is no. You are […]

When someone proposes to you, do you say yes because it’s your chance to be the belle of the ball in a magnificent gown / tuxedo, or because you really see yourself spending a lifetime with this person? When you’re engaged, what’s more important to you? The wedding or the marriage? What do you invest […]

Making a baby is a two person affair, you need a man’s sperm to meet a woman’s egg, fertilize it and prepare for implantation and gestation. You know how it’s goes – high school biology explored this. That means, in one way or other, both adults were cognizant and consenting of these requirements to make […]

Do you know what consent is? Wikipedia defines it as permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. In matters sex and love, it simply means don’t assume your partner is automatically up to doing something with you simply because of their station in your life. By this, I am referring especially to […]

  On Saturday night, comedian Njugush published a video that glorified date rape. He has since taken the video down, but not after the damage had been done. In the video, Njugush is seen to insist that the lady he took to watch Sarafina goes home with him because he’s invited her out plenty of […]

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