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  Once upon a time, I was married. Two years and three months later, I left that marriage. I can chalk it down to the reality of it as opposed to the expectations set by our public declaration of love in the form of a wedding and grand 500 guest reception. During said reception, I […]

For those of you who have watched Scandal – Shonda Rhimes’ political drama that aired its final episode this April, we all rooted for Olitz in the beginning. Despite the fact that she was the mistress, we rooted for Olivia and Fitz’s love. And as the series developed, we learn that Mellie – the First […]

Personal space; a concept unknown to and misunderstood by many. It simply means not to stand uncomfortably close to someone, touching them when they don’t want to be touched or literally breathing down their necks. It’s irritating. And uncomfortable. And so very annoying! Girls and women suffer the most when it comes to personal space, […]

  I love the internet; it’s my source of information, knowledge, opportunities and of course, my one stop shop for creeps and weirdos looking to score a night of passion. No, not necessarily Tinder (I abhor the app!) but just the good old internet. Twitter, Instagram, my personal blog and email. As long as my […]

Unpopular opinion: men are extremely insecure and they project their insecurities on their significant others. I’ll elucidate, with real life experiences. There was once a boy I knew, who liked me a lot, and in his mind I was going to be his wife. Little did he know that I was not about to get […]

It’s always in the little things. That is what makes a world of difference in how we treat each other, especially as significant others. Gentlemen, when your girl is talking to you, listen to her. Pay attention to what she’s saying. The same applies to girls; listen to your man when he talks to you. […]

  Ladies, would you reach out to your crush first? Or would you rather hope and pray they notice you exist, and somehow feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to have a conversation with you? I know most guys would (they are programmed to chase) although lately they shy away from shooting their shots. I […]

Flawless. Single Ladies. Ring The Alarm. Sorry. Run The World (Girls). And every other girl power anthem BeyoncĂ© has ever released throughout her career, and we as the girls chant religiously. She’s phenomenal, isn’t she? So is Serena Williams. And Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Or Kim Kardashian West. Michelle Obama. Hillary Clinton. You name them. Powerful, […]

I don’t think there’s some kind of dating rule book out there, but there ought to be some dating guidelines; unwritten guidelines that keep you from making a complete fool of yourself in the presence of your crush and ruining all your chances. I tend to think of dating as sea food; it’s not something […]

Do you know what love languages are? Do you know what your love language is? Do you know what your partner’s love language is? Simply put, love languages are basically ways to express and experience love. Words and actions that make both you and your partner feel needed and appreciated in the relationship, and a […]

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