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Singer Keri Hilson broke down into tears at Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) on Thursday 2 after being asked how she dealt with depression. A journalist asked her how she dealt with depression, something that made tears run down her face as she struggled with an answer. “Learned to accept emotions as part of what makes one […]

Mwalimu Rachel is most likely the most organized, hard working woman I have ever met. There is not a single time I have met Mwalimu and she isn’t working on something to build her brand or to enrich her existing working relationships. She is a force to reckon with, a very loud and fun one […]

I met Kamene at the recently concluded #NRGTurnUpMacha for the very first time. She’s a very gorgeous woman who exudes a calm confidence about her and an aura of strength and grace. I really wanted to speak to her but I took my time to observe her first. While on the ride to KFC Mombasa […]

Yesterday’s (Thursday July 27th 2018) #NRGTransit was extraordinary. Broadcasting live from Hotel EnglishPoint Marina – Mombasa, no less the penthouse suite, Mwalimu Rachel and DJ Shawn put up a spectacularly energetic show. Although Mwalimu was late due to preexisting engagements in Mombasa and could only link an hour of the show, it was the beginning […]

Andrew Kibe is a man who believes in three things: 1. A woman’s sexual satisfaction is not his responsibility. 2. Women were created for the sole purpose of child bearing. 3. It is impossible for a (gorgeous) woman to have a platonic relationship with a (handsome) man.   I learnt these things about him during […]

In the past few weeks we have seen individuals win big courtesy of sports betting. They spoke of how they relentlessly analyzed games, consulted their ancestors and probably promised to tithe so that they can win. In an effort to better efforts and stand a better chance to win, people have opened WhatsApp groups to […]


May 18, 2018

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