Since childhood, we’ve been repeatedly warned of the cringe-worthy effects that too much alcohol can have on our bodies. Taking a break from drinking alcohol – even if it’s just for a couple of weeks – is a good idea, especially if you’re regularly consuming more than the recommended daily limit. Too much drinking can cause […]

Sundays, especially afternoons, are usually long and lazy. Even if you are an avid church member, after church, a simple outing with bae or family usually follows but later on, most of us retreat back to the house for an easy Sunday relaxation. If your lover is around, that means cuddling while watching a movie […]

Millennials, according to different researches, are not valuing marriages as much as they used to. Though guys are marrying less in this age, everyone is always happy when they see happy couples. However, married couples sometimes have these funny tendencies of treating single people in a way that makes them feel isolated or somehow lonely. […]

  Rapper Stella Mwangi who is based in Norway has made a return to the Kenyan scene with a brand new song called “10 Toes” just a month after she released “Kuchizi’’. The singer has released the two song under her independent record label in Norway called “Badili Akili Music” that she recently launched. The high-energy trap […]

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